About Diana

I'm a freelance marketing consultant by day and a traveler by heart ツ I blog to help fellow marketers and small business owners achieve their goals within budget. Join my community of marketing enthusiasts and get a free copy of my first SEO ebook ;-)

oDesk and Freelance Work

As I mentioned in the About me section, I am a freelance marketing consultant. There are many freelance sites out there but I like the most oDesk (next best probably is Elance). Anyways! oDesk changed my life for good – i get my freelance work primarily there, so I decided to include it as recommended product.

Market Samurai: The Best Keywords Research Tool

I found Market Samurai ‘by accident’ good 3 years ago. In my opinion, it is the best SEO tool for keywords research and rank tracking there is out there. Instead of giving you background info what built-in modules it has, here’s a print screen of the program.

Market Samurai was my path to a successful start as a freelancer

I am a marketing consultant but as you can imagine, so are many other freelancers. So I had to find a related niche to shine despite the lack of reviews and feedback from clients. And SEO was just that because of the many freelancers offering cheap but low quality labor.